Can I Get My Drivers License Back?

You can loose your drivers license over unpaid debts.  If you cannot afford to pay those debts, bankruptcy can help you get your license back.

If you lose your license, it makes it hard to get to work or take care of your family.  The problem for many people is that they cannot afford to pay the Department of Licensing, because the suspension of their driving privileges have hurt their income.  You might consider driving even though your license is suspended, but that is a crime that can result in jail time.  By filing bankruptcy, you can get your license back almost immediately.

If your license was suspended because of unpaid parking tickets, unpaid traffic tickets or infractions, or as an uninsured motorist, bankruptcy can get your license back.  You will have to file a chapter 13, but you may only have to payback a fraction of what you owe.  A chapter 13 is based on your income.  If you can’t afford to pay your traffic tickets, then you probably qualify for a very low plan payment.

The cost of the chapter 13 is often lower than the cost of not having a drivers license.  Getting your license back will make life easier, and you do not have to risk arrest every time that you drive.