Bankruptcy and Tax Resolution: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

I’ve been practicing bankruptcy law for a while now, and I’ve been surprised at how many very good bankruptcy lawyers either give bad tax advice or incomplete tax advice.  I’m also surprised at how many of these good lawyers send clients out the door, because the client has a tax issue that can’t be solved in bankruptcy. Tax debt is … Continue reading »

Tax Refunds In Bankruptcy

Many of my clients want to know if they can keep their tax refunds after the file bankruptcy.  For many people, the tax refund is an important source of revenue and income during the year.  It is possible a file bankruptcy and keep your tax refund, but you must follow the proper procedure.  Additionally, if you owe the IRS any … Continue reading »

Taxes in Bankruptcy

I hear questions about discharging income taxes in bankruptcy all the time.  In Washington State, there is no personal income tax; so this discussion only involves federal income tax that is owed to the IRS.  Back taxes can be a huge burden, especially with penalties and interest.  You can use bankruptcy to take care of debts to the IRS. I … Continue reading »