Post-Petition Property Transfers

Post-Petition Property Transfers Every so often clients will ask me if they can sell, give away, deed, or transfer property after their bankruptcy is filed.  I’m glad that they ask, because the consequences for a prohibited post-petition property transfer are steep. Let’s quickly review how property works in bankruptcy.  Once you file bankruptcy, all property becomes property of the bankruptcy … Continue reading »

Short Sale By Chapter 7 Trustee

In the Western District of Washington – encompassing Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, and Bellingham – it is fairly common for the chapter 7 trustee to conduct a short sale on a debtor’s real property, if a few conditions are met.  The chapter 7 trustee might conduct a short sale on a debtor’s real property if: The debtor is in default on … Continue reading »

Shortsale Information – Areas of Risk

A short sale sounds like a great way to take care of a foreclosure, right?  Well you need to be careful.  Many of my bankruptcy clients are somewhere in the short sale process.  If you even think that you might need a bankruptcy, make sure to pay attention to these areas of concern: First – It Could Prevent You From … Continue reading »