In re Blue Pine Group – Attorney Sanctions for Improper Filing

The Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Ninth Circuit (9th Circuit BAP) issued its decision in In re Blue Pine Group, — B.R. –, 2011 WL 4482127 (B.A.P. 9th Circuit 2011).  This decision affirmed the bankruptcy court’s decision imposing sanctions on Debtor’s counsel, David J. Winterton and Associates, in the amount of $109,528 for an improper corporate chapter 7 filing. This … Continue reading »

Are You A Small Business Debtor

When a business, usually a corporation, files bankruptcy it must state whether it is a small business debtor.  Most people think of small business meaning the number of employees or the total revenue, but in bankruptcy, it is based on how much debt you have.   If your business has less than $2,343,300 in noncontingent liquidated debt, then you are a … Continue reading »