About Mark McClure| Seattle – Kent Bankruptcy Lawyer

Mark McClure


I am passionate about helping people solve their debt problems.  My career and my legal practice are focused upon bankruptcy and debt relief.  This is because I understand the impact that debt has on people like you.  Debt can be a terrible burden.  It can keep you up at night, it can cause endless worry, and it can cause once strong marriages to crack under the strain.  That is why I strive everyday to help people just like you get a fresh start financially.

I have focused on bankruptcy law throughout my legal career, beginning in law school.  I graduated from the University of Seattle School of Law when it was the University of Puget Sound School of Law.  While I was there, I took every available bankruptcy course and had the privilege of studying under some of the best bankruptcy professors in the country.

Prior to entry to law school, I was in the United States Air Force.  Upon separation, I completed my Electronic Engineering Degree from Colorado Technical University and went to work for the Boeing Company as an Engineer.

Following my graduation from law school, I began practicing bankruptcy law immediately starting in 1995.  Hanging my own shingle without a safety net and being fully responsible for my clients and gave me great insight into how the bankruptcy system functions.  This has given me a great perspective on how to best represent individuals and small businesses in bankruptcy.

My practice has been located here in the Seattle area for the last 20 years.  During that time I have focused almost exclusively on bankruptcy law; in addition, I do some personal injury and worker compensation prosecution.  Since opening my practice I have worked on a variety of cases running from the most basic chapter 7 bankruptcies through complex individual and business chapter 11 reorganizations.  This gives me the experience and skills necessary to get you a fresh start financially and to ease the burden of debt.