Motion To Abandon Property Of The Estate

The motion to abandon property of the estate is one of the most important parts of motion practice in bankruptcy.  It is particularly important in chapter 7 bankruptcy, because the chapter 7 trustee takes control of all property of the estate.  Additionally, it is important to understand how it works when you omit property from your bankruptcy schedules. Let’s start … Continue reading »

Short Sale By Chapter 7 Trustee

In the Western District of Washington – encompassing Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, and Bellingham – it is fairly common for the chapter 7 trustee to conduct a short sale on a debtor’s real property, if a few conditions are met.  The chapter 7 trustee might conduct a short sale on a debtor’s real property if: The debtor is in default on … Continue reading »

US Trustee Suspends Random Audits Indefinitely

The US Trustee’s Office has indefinitely suspended its random audit program effective March 2013.  The random audit program was one of the fraud prevention measures added in the 2005 BAPCPA amendments to the US Bankruptcy Code.  (Wall Street Journal)  The audit program has also been a significant cause of stress and concern for many of my clients. The purpose of … Continue reading »